Today is a day where every child can feel proud of no matter where they are. Yes, this day is mom's day. It can even be celebrated as her second birthday of the year. In Tamil, if asked to deliver a three letter poem don't hesitate guys, just watch this video 3 LETTER POEM (unmute ur speakers b4 clicking). Eventhough its a funny video, but the message in it is serious. Fact : For every child their mom is the best in this universe and every mom considers her son/daughter still a kid no matter how old is she/he. For me, I can proudly say my name is  s/o SOUNDARYA[mom] EASWARAN[dad] (for me mom is always first followed by dad). Mom has over taken my dad only by a very small margin. Lets see the stats. Mom - 100pts / Dad - 99.99 pts. Mrs.Soundarya Easwaran has not only been a mom to me, she is more than that. To say about her see the list below :
The above list  goes on and on. Today I take this oppurtunity to engrave this extra-ordinary person in my ordinary website. She had to cross too many hurdles at the early stage of her life. Moreover, she was not born intelligent. Later, she moulded herself so tough(too intelligent) just for her family(dad,sissy & me). But her character(loyalty, generosity, helping tendency, woman of patience) did not change. Lets not get too much into her personal.  I will be craving every memorable/forgettable moment she took part in my journey. Like my mom, I too was not born intelligent. When I was 8years old people in my surroundings used to tease, mock, embarass, insult, degrade, discourage me for whatever I did. Even If I had committed a small mistake, they would aggravate and make it to look bigger. No one considered that I was a kid and I would also have feelings. At one point of time, I had lost all the confidence in me and continued to repeat the same mistakes again and again. No one used to correct me instead they used to pull my mom into the picture which I did not like even in that age itself. During the absence of my mom, my cousins [oly ganesh & puppy(no1 else wud care)] used to back me a lot. I used to cry a lot during my early stage, I don't know its because of that today crying is not that difficult to me. But one thing I liked about my surrounding was they used to take care of me very well but only thing I hated was their mental attack on me. But the best thing in me is I self-motivate myself a lot regardless of what the situation is. Even the surroundings used to cricticize my mom as well for not beating me but at that time I was too small to bounce back at those crictics. But she never used to worry or enquire me about what others have said. But she used to correct me every time I make a mess in a pleasant way as well as motivate me. Even if undergo a facial makeover like sporting a long/mushroom/spike/short hair style they would again restart their radio. Even if I had created my own fashion in my attire it would be abnormal to them. But I never used to do anything fishy which would hurt/irritate my grandparents because of the respect I had  for them. Today when it comes to my surroundings life when their children do the samething which I did in my olden days it will not be taken into consideratons.
But after sometime I got used to it and I never cared about what people talk about me. Even today, I don't care about my crictics. So I will have to thank them for this. But I had never given them all a chance to cricticize(unless its valid) my mom as they all knew what I would do if they had pulled her in(not even for a joke). Because, parents can oly guide/motivate/mould their kids and the rest is in the hands of children to think what they want to become. I was not that studious in my earlier school days. It was too hard for me to even get a pass in my classes. Only in English, I was outstanding(credits to my dad)
            I had to face one of the biggest failure in my life during the year 19**. No parents would have accepted it. But in my case, my mom/dad gave me a new life. From then, I had never looked back. My confidence meter scaled up to a new height which even I had never dreamt about. Its all because of you mom/dad. I scored 92% in class X board exam. I was in top 5 out of 180. No one could believe my success. Not even me. Even my mom, class teacher, friends headmaster, principal were surprised to see me in that position. This credit equally goes to both my mom & dad. My mom used to pick me daily in the last 4 months(she learnt car driving just for me & sissy). She used to come early and she used to wait with some snacks. aiyooo.. I loveeeee youuuu so much maaaaaaa... My friends(girls) used to compliment my mom, saying 'hey, unga amma is no nice & pretty'. Inspite of all her regular tired of regular wifejobs, she used to drive 9kms. It may be usual(todays trend) for my readers but for me its something huge during at that time. I was a naughty cricket freak during those days. One day, there was an interesting cricket match, I had to bunk my last period and I went to the barber shop to watch the match. My mom was waiting for 45 min. I knew she would have come but sachin's screen presence overshadowed it. After a few enquires my mom came to know that I was in the barber shop, by the time she came, the match got over. I had to accept few scoldings for my naughtiness. My dad's part was the one which no one would have done/will do in this universe. He used to prepare pages and pages of question papers, eventhough we had books which had some sample question papers my dad  wrote all those which were not there for all the subjects inspite of his tiredness from the office. Sometimes he used to getup 5'o clock in the morning and prepare. During my study holidays, he used to sit with me till midnight and help me prepare preparing for the board exam. It became even worse during the board exams, he used to sit with me till 2'o clock. In my 100% of success 46% of the success/fame belonged to my mom for picking me up daily so I that I never felt the tiredness when I reached home and studied. 46% of the success/fame is owed to my dad for giving up his sleep in preparing with me. 7% to my sissy for sacricficing her daily entertainment for the sake of her brother. Remaining 1% belonged to me for the perfect execution of all these combined efforts. I was proud that I could score 1 mark greater than my dad.. yes my dad had scored 460 and I scored 460+1.My dad also owns one more credit that is in IX half yearly exam I secured 97/100 in English. The whole class and me as usual were shocked. My English teacher asked me, how did you manage to score this much. She also told me that she would treasure my exam paper for the future generations. I replied her back saying that my dad taught me grammar when I was in class III so my dad is the primary, 70 year old man(grammar guru) is the secodary and you(kirupa english class teacher) is the tertiary reason behind this achievement. 
             Till **** I had never looked back. **** and **** I went to hostel in Rasipuram dreaming that I would also score state 1st in 12th. But chicken poxes and lack of interest in entrance exam made me to stay away from the race. I did manage to score 999 and I had to console myself telling, scoring 1000, 1050, 1100, 1150 is common in board exam but securing a 999 is unique and it happens only once also CLICK ME(unmute ur speakers b4 clicking) .  After I joined the college, in the very first semester, I failed in all the main papers. English and Engineering Drawing were on the winning side. It was a semester when everyone scored above 75%. It was little tough phase for me at that time as I had some personal problems  as well. At one point of time it became really difficult for me to come out of all the mishaps. But constant motivation/encouragement from all sides from family, friends, fancy store anna, and more importantly a helping hand from a friend(girl) Gokilavani who became the savior in demolishing my failure. After I tasted my success, she vanished. In 3rd semester all the efforts of these people made me to clear all my arrear papers and also I could secure 77% and stood 1st(2nd was 73%) among boyz. All these credit/success goes to my mom. If my mom had no faith in me and not allowed that girl in my house  to teach me I would be nowhere now and the rest is history.
           After all these, I am angry with no one.What ever had happened was for my good, I ll take it in that sense. 'We should never regret or avoid anyone', this is what is being  taught by mom & dad to me and sissy even now. Since mom and dad did/doing a lot of good deeds(sometimes I didn't like them doing) to others, its me and my sissy who are being benefited. Even on May 11th I could see a miracle happening in my life. Its all because of them and Gods. They had taught me what patience is. But I could follow it only outside and not inside the house. We are who we are, not because of what we learnt in school but what we were exposed to home. I am blessed to have parents who have stood by me through everything. And one thing they keep telling is ,  'This too shall pass'.
            One more thing is there are no hidden secrets between us(my mom & me). She knows everything about me, everything including my personal stuffs. There is not even a single incident or moment that my mom doesn't know about. Without the support of dad, mom could have done nothing. A big salute to my dad for giving my mom all the freedom :) Since there is no fathers day, I have also included him. When the day comes I will write about my sissy as well. To conclude, my mom is a fast learner, women of power/patience, the chain goes on. My mom is the best in this world.. Luuuvvvvvvvvvv youuuuuuu mmoommmmm.. Happy Mothers Day.
Watch this above video fully. I bet my fans/readers would shed atleast a drop of tear by the time the video ends. The video is about the tough role that every mom takes part in their child's success. As the video says, "The hardest job in the world, is the best job in the world". Thank You mom. 'LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST'. Its time to pay back, this is for the crictics who underestimated/degraded me during my tough times.  CLICK ME (unmute ur speakers b4 clicking). This dialogue doesn't best suit me but it was me who had to come out of everything.

 Thank You
Note for Critics : The reason why I had to mention my accomplishments is not to advertise myself or for any publicity. Its just to show what/how much a parents encouragement and motivation can impact their child's success. All the credits are owned by them and not me.


Tickets booked, Exams & Work done, Winter started  Bags filled and finally the big day had arrived. Yes, its time to say 'machi open the bottle' which meant I was waving bye to the United States for India. December 11 was lucky to record some memories. A dozen bags of US chocolates along with a pair of and many more had their security check in along with me and they all had their first experience in flight. In the remaining time I called my friends, relatives to share my happy trip to India with them. This time Etihad had their privilege to carry us. All set, it was time for me to have my back seated, and I was shocked ,surprised to see a girl sitting beside me and was overjoyed in silence. My friends quoted saying, 'machi unakku engiyo matcham da' and they were replied  (Do watch this video at end if you want the surprise) CLICK ME   .. finally I sat beside her. Meanwhile, since she was sitting at the window seat, I had  to help her with food, and
 what ever that came for us as it was too far for her to get it from the air hostess and then we complimented each other with thanks etc.,. Before all these happened, we people never thought that she would understand Tamil and my friends were mocking at me and I told my friends to shut their mouth saying what if she could speak or understands Tamil, but they didn't stop.  Finally after 6 hours I started my conversation as I got bored after watching all the movies in the mean time. I really enjoyed watching  zindagi na milegi dobara
 starring Hrithik Roshan  I started by putting a question mark asking are you travelling to Chennai, then she continued. She was from Kerala who did her MBA at G.R.D, Coimbatore. Then, I realized that she knew Tamil very well and also surprised that she got married(recently) as she looked so young. Moreover, she was a christian. This time the talk was about me. She asked what I was doing, about my course bla... bla.. To tell about her she is big cricket fan who madly loves Rahul Dravid and Virat Kohli as they both look cute, both have same game play etc. It continued for nearly three hours after which I went to sleep. Finally, after getting down on Abu Dhabi, I went and apologized her for what we people spoke at the start and our conversation ended with saying have a safe trip. The food that was provided really sucked but had no other choice than to eat it. Orange juice really helped in filling up my stomach.Then Mcchicken at McDonalds filled my stomach even more. Three hours wait over at Abu Dhabi , all set to leave for Chennai then.
But this travel time was less and it landed us in Chennai at no time. In Chennai, I was left all alone as my friends left for their respective homes. The flight landed at 4 am so I thought of not calling my friends and disturb them. But luckily I had the in my hand with which I spent a great time. Then, I had to change my dress from t-shirt to shirt as it was my mom's wish. Boarding was over and I was happy I got an aisle seat but again surprised to see a girl sitting beside me then I prayed god, 'kadavuley ithu unakkey nalla irukka, pothum un thiruvilaiyaadal'. This time I made sure that my mouth was closed as the travel duration was less than 40 min. Spice Jet was the flight. As I got into the flight I was happy to hear something pleasant. Yes, it was Tamil spoken by the people in the flight all were old people that too speaking Tamil very locally. I was really enjoying it though.
At last, the flight landed and I had planned to give my parents a surprise. But my dad escaped from it by identifying me at the very beginning. Then I had planned to give mom a huge shock after she had  missed the surprise. I disguised myself as a negro. The picture would speak for my appearance. After my mom got out of the car, she was more shocked than I expected her face completely changed and at the same time she also pretended well to keep the smile on her face. I realized that she would not hug me so I went close to her and gave a her tight hug. She had no words to speak after seeing my appearance. Then I felt that was enough and revealed my original finally. But she and my sister couldn't come out of it. Later we went to aryaas and had sambar idli and sambar vada. After reaching home, my mom took arathi and I gave her 10 rials for it. Then I had to call all my friends, relatives, neighbors etc to convey my presence in India. Then later on, I gave the widgets, accessories and chocolates that I had brought for my sister which made her too excited. Nothing much happened on the first day. Lets watch out for the remaining.
Photography: Surekha Varsha & Google.
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It was the previous night I was surfing through the internet for something and suddenly an advertisement popped up which showcased 'MEET GARY'. I thought it was a spam but still I clicked it and I was shocked, yes it was not spam its Gary who is going to visit the Globe Pub on Friday 1430hrs. I couldn't believe it.I just googled the GlobePub, I found their website displaying all the latest and upcoming events. I was so happy but I had to hunt for a camera because my camera had been taken to India. I thought for a while and decided to ask the twins Beth and Lisa. In the next morning, I just got the camera from them and left my place at 1000hrs. I took the google maps in my hand and took the green line reached Roosevelt to catchthe red line towards howard--> got down in Belmont--> took the brown line---> got down in Irwing Park. The time was 1200hrs when I reached the destination. I had left with two and half hours to meet Gary. When I walking down the street, I witnessed a Subway restaurant(my favourite) felt happy. I was searching for the entrance to get in and finally found it, got a six inch buffalo chicken. I spent around one and half hours there.Initially,when I entered the GlobePub, no one was there and I thought I would be the only fan to meet Gary. Whenthe time passed by the fans count started to increase. To suck my remaining time, I ordered for a french fries and a can of sprite which was the cheapest among the other menus. The pub telecasted a few matches of the Manchester United and fans who were present there wore the United costumes. One fan had a football with all the players autographed, other one had a T-shirt that had the autograph of some manchester players. Gary was half an hour late and he also carried the Barclays Cup along with him. As soon as he entered a few fans of Chelsea and Liverpool wooed him. He shook hands with everyone and his manager told the fans to stand in queue to click a picture along with Gary. Everyone started to give their personal cameras to others and told them to click a picture with it. When my turn came, I was so excited to touch Barclays Cup and I was flying high when Gary shook hands with me. After I clicked a picture with him, I tried to lift the cup but I could not lift it after a certain height because it was too heavy. When the photo session was over, Gary posed for the media and everyone started to throw their questions. Some of the questions were :

Fan : According to you, who is the best soccer player?
Gary : Paul Scholes.

Fan : Which player made you to struggle to mark them?
Gary : Brazilian Players especially Romario who is very fast is one of the players I had found difficult to mark.
When the question session ended up the fans pushed themselves towards to get his autograph signed.Everyone got their own gadgets. But I forgot to take something from my side and I was in need of a paper and a pen no one came forward to lend me one. When I was thinking for a solution one of the fan had a list of Manu photos. I walked near him and asked him if he could lend me a photo for a dollar. Initially, he hesitated but later on he accepted and gave me one of Gary's photo. I was lucky enough to get Gary's autograph in it. It was one of the memorable moment in my life and a good start for a Manchester United fan.
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☺ 1 BILLION ❤ ❤ ❤ 1 WISH ☺

This was the moment that every Indian had been living for. Yes it was the World Cup final between the two Asian teams India and Sri Lanka. Mumbai's Wankade stadium was very lucky to host this match. The one side of the coin showed the family members of Sangakkara, Jayawardane, Muralitharan who came all the way from Lanka to support their heroes and on the other side of it  there werfe few Indian celebrities, Business Tycoons, Young Leaders who came to support the Men in Blue.

  • SuperStar RajiniKanth.
  • Aamir Khan.
  • Mukesh Ambani.
  • Preity Zinta.
  • Sunil Shetty.
  • Mahesh Babu.
  • Rahul Gandhi.
  • Raveena Tandon.
  • Venkatesh.
  • Shahid Kapoor.

Each and Every Indian all over the world switched off their lives and switched on their televisions, lap tops, mobile phones to watch the match and even in few parts of India people arranged for poojas for the Indian Cricket Team.

Toss :
There was a slight confusion in the toss. When the coin was tossed for the first time the match referee didn't hear the call. Both the captains decided to have a re-toss inspite of Sangi winning the toss. The coin was tossed again and even this time the coin was in favor of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to bat first and the Indian fans thought that it was cheap move by sangakkara during the toss. Indians had one change Ashwin was dropped and Sreeshanth was bought in so that Dhoni can have multiple options in the bowling department. Sri Lanka had no Mendis and Mathews.

        Indians Bowling :

Everyone was a bit upset because Indians loss the toss. The statistics also reveals that the team batting first has won 90% of the matches. Only two teams have won in a World Cup(1996,1999) final batting second. But the Men in Blue were icy cool in the field. Yuvi back to his position(point) flying here n there and the same was repeated by Raina and Kohli. Everyone contributed in the field. Indian bowlers soon sent the openers to the pavilion. Later on the "Saviors of Sri Lanka"  Sangi and Mahela took the team onto their shoulders and the scoreboard started ticking. Indians were worried because they started to score quickly. Later on Dhoni bought Yuvi to exploit the partnership. Sangi was the victim. But Mahela stood like a soldier and went onto score a century. The Sri Lankans reached to a score of 274/6 and Mahela remained unbeaten 103. During the break everyone thought that the Indians may lose because 275 is a huge target to chase.

Indian Batting :

Due to the slower rate, Indian openers had a break of just 10 minutes. The very second of the second innings, Malinga shocked all the Indian fans with his superb delivery. Yes, Sehwag was given leg before and straight away Sehwag asked for the review which finally was not in his favor. Then the local boy entertained his home crowd with his text book shots. Everyone believed that Sachin would go all the way to lift the world cup but it was Malingaaaaaaa again who soon shut all the television sets at various parts of the world and he even sent a few fans to their home by taking Sachin's wicket who was caught behind. The crowd went in silence. Then came Virat and Kohli. They had a partnership of 80 runs which gave the fans something to cheer before Kohli fell in hands of Dilshan. Then everyone thought that Yuvi would appear. But inga thaan twist in the tale. It was not Yuvi, it was the "CAPTAIN OF THE SHIP / CAPTAIN COOL" yesssssss it was Mahendra Singh Dhoni who walked in like an armed men. Everyone wondered why did Dhoni showed instead of Yuvi who was in very good touch with the bat n ball. Moreover, the captains total runs scored in the tournament was in two digits. But Dhoni had something to prove. He played a captain's innings and took the team home. Gambhir failed to score his world cup hundred score 97. Dhoni scored the winning runs smashing a huge six and entire crowd started to roar like a lion. 

Winning Moments and Presentation :

After Dhoni smashed the final runs with his stylish shot. Yuvi was excited he ran to the other side to hug his captain and Dhoni didn't know how to react for the moment. Dhoni picked the stumps and both these partners hugged each other in joy. The other team members came roaring inside the field jumped onto Yuvi/Dhoni and they started screaming like....... After few minutes, the little master came out running from the dressing room like a small kid, he thanked the captain for his knock and gave an emotional hug to Yuvi. Each and Every player was over filled with tears. Gambir said "All credit goes to Sachin, we did it for him". Later, Virat and Bhajji said, "Sachin has been carrying the burden of our nation for 21 years and its time for us to carry him""We all did it for Sachin", said Yuvi. These moments were really emotional for all of us. In the press conference. Zaheer also expressed that, "I can't explain this feeling, we did it for this special man(Sachin)". Kohli, Raina and Yusuf lifted Sachin on their shoulders and ran around the stadium. In the press conference, these were the emotional words of Dhoni,
[Sleepless Nights ,grey hairs with the same fade of beard... It was a bunch of youngsters given to me along wit a god(Sachin)...Everyone mastered their skill but i was alone failing everytime...

But when sachin walked back into the pavilion with his face down i was upset...I quickly padded up.The whole team was looking at me and gary alone backed my decision to move up.

I was not even able to run but the only thing that flashed my mind was sachin's childish face looking at the entire crowd ''oh sorry it was my mistake to leav the ground soon'' will anyone like god to put his face down in front of his own crowd? Yes i cant allow tat happen...
I controlled my pain and decided to go...Finally we had the last laugh wit a cry..
Source : Unkown
One sad moment was Gary will be resigning as Indian Coach soon to take care of his young family. After Dhoni lifted the cup,  the other players clicked a pic along with the cup and started showing it to the crowd. It would have been great if Sachin had scored his 100th ton and also winning the cup for the team but winning is important. Great knock from the captain.
Man of the Match             : Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
Man of the Tournament   : Yuvraj Singh.
Thanks to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Gautham Ganbhir and team India for winning the cup for Sachin. Sachin, what have you left with?!!!!

My Moment :

It was the day I had been waiting for.  Sleepless nights and Hotel food continued even for this match. I didn't sleep the previous night. Vijay and myself were awake to watch the match. We both went to 7-eleven had a cup of coffee. Then we watched the memorable moments of Sachin. The clock struck four and we readily placed ourselves at the recreation center where the match would be telecasted. We were bit upset about India  losing the toss but still we had hopes. We screamed for each and every dot ball that was bowled. In between Vijay said good night to the Indian Team and went to bed. Satya and I watched till the end of Sri Lankan innings. At the end, when they were thrashing the Indian bowlers for fours and sixes we both got irritated and I uttered some abusive words at Zaheer and we returned home to have breakfast.By the time I had my breakfast the openers got out and I went to bed to avoid watching the pity Indians lose. Not only that, I had a superstitious belief that when I goto bed India wins the match. So. I went to sleep hoping that India would win. There was another belief that *India vs Sri Lanka* in this match Indians were 23/2. Later on Gauti and kohli both scoring centuries took India to the victory. Another belief was, Shane Warne tweeted that India would definitely win the world cup. Last one was 
  • 1996    -   semi finals    -   Sachin was the opener.
  • 1999    -   super 6        -   Sachin was in middle order.
  • 2003    -   finals            -   Sachin was the opener.
  • 2007    -   group stage  -   Sachin was in middle order.
  • 2011    -   champions    -   Sachin was opener.
Analysing the statistics I believed that India will definitely win and I went to bed. Later on when I woke up, Indians were crusing towards the victory. Then I called my mom to watch the final moments of the match. She too watched and she enjoyed it to the fullest and the next day she gave me some review about the match. I was very happy that she had thorougly enjoyed and analysed it for giving a review. For the next one week, I raised my energy level to the max by watching the highlights of the final. Hope you all had the same feeling.
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